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Here's What They're Saying...

“It was seriously the most amazing experience. Top 10 for sure!” – Sarah

“I’ve been to many sound baths and this was a whole new level of experience.

Perfection from start to finish!” – Stacie H.

“AMAZING! This is going to be so impactful in our valley. A big congratulations!

I was able to turn it off, be in the moment and slept so well!
I am taking my good vibes into my day today.” – Gina R.

“I feel very calm, centered and deeply nourished. Thank you so much for an
exquisite event. You two created an extraordinary healing adventure. Lauren,
you are such a deep support for the healing community in the desert in so many
ways. I am very happy to support you and drink deeply of your peaceful offering.”

– Patricia V.

“I enjoyed every aspect of the event. Everything went together really nicely and
seamlessly. It was magic. Feeling extra good vibes today!” – Danielle

“What an amazing event! I am so impressed. Lauren’s stealth-like presence in
the pool moving the floats around to enhance the experience
for your guests was so nice. Great job!” - Mary F.

“So relaxing and transporting, and you leave with a feeling of newness.”

- Sharon F.

“Thank you, Lauren and Michelle, for following your heart and passion and
bringing this transformative experience for all of us and our miraculous valley.”

- Tracy S.

“This was an absolutely amazing event. Wow. I would love it do this again. So
calming and peaceful. A perfect evening. Thank you.” - Laurilie J.

“It was better than I could have imagined. I would love to do this again. It was

really a joyful and special experience.” - Julie S.

“A magical experience, everything was perfect.” – Margot N.

“What an amazing experience. Few times in my life
I have felt so pampered and relaxed!” - Jenell V.

“I’ve been a ball of anxiety, and last night I was able to center myself, calm my

breath, and pray thanks for how beautiful my life is.
Thank you for slowing me down. Pure bliss.” - Sarah

“It was great! My husband was raving about it. It was a wonderful event!”

- Gretchen W.

“It was a serene and magical evening as the soothing sounds enveloped me,
transporting me to a state deep relaxation. The vibration resonated within me
aligning my mind, body, and spirit. The full moon provided the perfect backdrop
for setting intentions and embarking on the final chapter of the year

with clarity and determination.” - Stacie H.

“It was amazing as the harvest moon came up and the sound began!”

- Carol B.

"One of the best experiences of my life!"

- Sarah

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