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Drift into pure relaxation with a Good Vibes floating sound bath. Our unique blend of sounds, scents, soft lighting and gentle water creates a truly immersive experience.

Flow from the outside world into the present moment and savor the sense of calm, clarity and inner peace.

Come drift with us and discover the blissful state of natural harmony inside and out. 

What to expect

Upon arrival, we ask that you please instill “Whisper Tones & Silenced Phones.”
Guests are invited to take photos before and after the sound bath begins, but
please shut down your phones during the one-hour sound bath so all may relax
and enjoy the experience without distraction.

Your evening begins with an essential oil-soaked hand towel and a refreshing
facial (or skin) mist from JustUs Skincare. We encourage you to take your hand towel
with you to enjoy the aromatherapy throughout the sound bath.

From there, land dwellers will find their preferred beach spot or lounge chair
while floaters will proceed to the loading dock. We ask that you please remove
your shoes before you are assisted onto the floating mattress. A light, plush
blanket, pillow and eye mask will be offered to floaters; those enjoying from land are
encouraged to bring their own creature comforts (blanket, pillow, eye mask).
Once all have boarded, the one-hour musical meditation from Quantum Sound Experience will
begin. Please note there will be light movement in the water throughout the
sound bath to maintain flow.

If you need assistance at any time, we ask that you simply raise your arm straight
up and our water otter will quietly come to you.

Once the sound bath ends, your float will be escorted in for off-loading and all
guests may enjoy lemon and cucumber-infused water. Riding the wave of relaxation, we ask that all maintain whisper tones and silenced phones until all have departed.

* Please note that, as an outdoor experience, sound will be different from indoor sound baths, and with weather conditions, Mother Nature is our guide. It is all part of our unique and immersive floating sound bath experience.

** Weather Policy
We reserve the right to cancel the event at our discretion for the comfort and safety of our guests and team

The timeline

We ask that all guests be on time. Events are scheduled to start at sunset with thirty minutes to board the floating vessels. We ask that all be situated in their space 30 minutes past opening when the one-hour sound bath will begin.

Frequently asked questions


What is a sound bath?

As described by sound bowl specialists Divine Sound, a sound bath is a deeply meditative musical experience where those in attendance are “bathed” in sound waves (you do not get bathed in water). These vibrational waves are produced by various sources including singing bowls, gongs, chimes, flutes, and more. The intention of a sound bath is to use sound to clear discordance from our energy field, restoring balance to the mind and body. The practice can shift the brain wave states into Theta, or even dreamlike Delta where time is paused and brain wave patterns can shift becoming more receptive to healing, inspiration, and stress relief.

Will I get wet?


We have created the experience to prevent guests from getting wet, however, you will step on the first pool step while getting on and off of the floating vessels. Our attendants will assist and we request that shoes be removed. As the rafts are 6’ x 3’ with plush gripping fabric, there is little chance of falling off the raft once you are on.


What should I wear?


Any outfit will do, but we recommend something cozy and comfortable like yoga or active wear. Please dress accordingly for to the weather.

Is there anything I should do to prepare?


For your best experience, spend the day of your sound bath relaxing and clearing your mind of worries and stress. Eat light and healthy or arrive with an empty stomach, and stay well hydrated throughout your day. Make sure you arrive at the event start time so you can settle yourself into your space. Take deep breaths, think positive, calm thoughts, and be present in the moment to take it all in.

What if I need to cancel?

You may cancel 7 days prior to the event minus a $15 administration fee.

Where are you located?


We serve the cities of the Coachella Valley. (Southern California). We are a mobile service, so our location changes from a hotel, country club, or private residence as we are booked.

Is there a weight limit?

The maximum weight is 250 lbs.

Can we have a private party at our home?

Yes. Please get in touch with us for more information, availability and prices. 

Can I participate if I am pregnant? 

It is not recommended. 

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